Juillet Ward

Regulatory and Production

Julliet Wsrd Originally from the Philippines, Juillet moved to United States in 1997 with her parents and two older brothers. Her family settled in Corpus Christi, Texas and has lived here for over 20 years. As a graduate from Flour Bluff ISD, she started working in fast food, retail shops, and offices as receptionist to gain customer service experience. With that experience, along with a Business Administration Degree focusing on Accounting from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, she landed her first job in the Oil & Gas industry in 2011.

She started working as an Accounts Payable Assistant with VirTex Operating Company and worked there for almost 6 years before receiving an offer from American Shoreline Inc. She was able to learn more about the industry’s in and outs and continually strived to gain more knowledge in the industry. Juillet is currently the Regulatory and Production Analyst at American Shoreline Inc. She also starting learning about the renewable energy industry thanks to American Shoreline Inc’s sister company Amshore US Wind. She is an active member of the Desk and Derrick Club of Corpus Christi as their Facebook Administrator and a member of the Board of the Directors as their Secretary.

She is married to a City of Corpus Christi Firefighter and has two children. She dabbles with low impact living and zero waste lifestyle to reduce her and her family’s carbon footprint.