John Heymann

Chief Operating Officer

coo John C. Heymann is the Chief Operating Officer of American Shoreline, Inc.  Mr. Heymann was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Mr. Heymann has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in finance and accounting.  He began his career in 1975 at Pennzoil Producing Company in Houston, Texas analyzing and summarizing oil and gas leases purchased by the company, covering lands in the State of Texas.  Later, in 1976 he went to work as a landman for a public drilling fund company, Centura, Inc., and subsequently, American Shoreline, Inc. where he ran title, purchasing and administering oil and gas leases for the company.  Mr. Heymann eventually became the Land Manager and Executive Vice President of Operations for American Shoreline, Inc. where he was in charge of all aspects of the exploration and production operations of the company ranging from buying oil and gas leases to selling production from those leases to pipelines and/or end users.  Mr. Heymann worked for American Shoreline, Inc. as an owner, Director and Executive Vice President until he graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1988.

Mr. Heymann was licensed to practice law in Texas on May 5, 1989 and has been Board Certified in Oil, Gas and Energy Law since December of 1995.  Mr. Heymann has been affiliated with American Shoreline, Inc. in an advisory capacity and as a Director since 1988.  Although still in private practice, Mr. Heymann rejoined American Shoreline, Inc. and an affiliated company, Amshore U.S. Wind LLC as Chief Operating Officer being responsible to all operations of both companies.

Mr. Heymann is married to his wonderful wife, Martha and they have four sons together.  Mr. Heymann enjoys hunting, fishing, kiteboarding and surfing in Texas and exotic locations around the world.