Dennis Taylor


Dennis Taylor

Background, Education and Professional Affiliations

Mr. Taylor was born on the Llano Estacado (palisaded plains) in the West Texas town of Levelland. Levelland Field is one of the largest Oil Fields on Earth. His father, Raymond Taylor, worked for Amerada Geophysical Company, and because of this fact he was "raised" in the petroleum industry and was inspired at an early age by many different people associated with Oil and Gas, especially an Amerada Geologist/Geophysicist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tommy Southgate, to become a Petroleum Geologist. In 67 years Dennis has seen seven different states as home, and his last move to Corpus Christi was the 30th move in his life of being exposed to the geology and natural patterns of all these different and varied and wonderful places.

Dennis has a full spectrum of Geoscience experience that includes Production, Exploitation, and Exploration for Oil and Gas reserves, for a continuous 37 years predominantly on the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. In working for Sun Exploration and Production Company, Wagner Oil Company, Suemaur Exploration Company, and his Independent company, Metate Minerals Inc., he has drilled and completed over 150 Oil and Gas wells ranging in depth from 1500’ to 16500’. Dennis is currently the President and Chief Geologist for American Shoreline in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dennis has filed approximately 80 new field pay discoveries with the Texas Railroad Commission. Dennis formerly taught Geology and Earth Science for nine years at Okeene Public Schools and Oklahoma State University. Several past students are now practicing Geologists.

Dennis is an AAPG Certified Professional Petroleum Geologist (# 5177) with the Division of Professional Affairs, and received his BS degree in Geology from Oklahoma State University in 1974, and 26 hours of Graduate credit in Petroleum Geology from 1981 until 1983. Dennis’ Geoscience papers have been Published in the AAPG, CCGS, the SIPES (Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists) Quartrerly and the STGS Bulletins and the GCAGS Transactions with numerous speaking engagements at the National AAPG Convention in 1985 and 1996, numerous local Societies, Houston & Corpus Christi SIPES, Dallas SPWLA, and the Dallas Bar Association and the Corpus Christi Downtown Kiwanis and recently the Desk and Derrick Club of Corpus Christi and COPAS of Corpus Christi. He was past President of the Oklahoma State University AAPG Student Chapter and Geological Society, and served 2 terms as the Corpus Christi Geological Society / Coastal Bend Geophysical Society Technical Editor, where he generated a monthly Editorial with a Technical paper authored by various Geoscientists. Dennis then served as the Vice President of CCGS and arranged for one year of speakers for the monthly CCGS noon luncheons.

In 2012-2013 Dennis served as President of CCGS and generated a monthly President’s Letter aimed at encouraging our young Geoscientists. Dennis is a past member of the O.S.U. Geological Society; the O.S.U. A.A.P.G. Student Chapter, the South Texas Geological Society, and a current member of the Corpus Christi Geological Society / Coastal Bend Geophysical Society and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Member 37 yrs. Since 1982). Dennis was recently inducted as a Full Member into the Society of Professional Earth Scientists. Dennis is currently President and Chief Geologist for American Shoreline, Inc. American Shoreline who has been actively drilling wells in South Texas and participating in Drilling Ventures. Dennis is an avid Outdoor Enthusiast and loves Mountain Climbing, Cave Exploring, Mineral Collecting, and SCUBA Diving. He considers himself a Geologist and a Naturalist and is an avid Outdoor Photographer and Outdoor Videographer including Underwater Videography. He is also a Guitarist and a Song Writer.