Company Profile

oil drilling rig Since incorporation in 1979, American Shoreline has been responsible for discovering numerous oil and gas fields and field extensions along the Texas Gulf Coast.   In addition to oil and natural gas exploration, American Shoreline is highly involved in the renewable energy field.

American Shoreline's management believes South Texas will continue to be a major part of oil and gas plus renewable energy opportunities in the coming years.

As a direct result, excellent economic and cash flow opportunities will exist for those companies and individuals participating in both oil and gas and renewable energy exploration.   Additionally, American Shoreline believes that renewable energy is where oil and gas was 50 years ago and provides an exciting opportunity to develop our natural resources emissions free.

Operational Projects

  • Peñascal and Baffin Wind Farm on the Texas Gulf Coast (now owned and operated by Iberdrola Renewables) with a capacity of 606 MW's