Aida Guzman

Wind Lease Administrator

Aida is part of our Amshore wind team with over 35 years of administrative experience. Aida manages Amshore Wind real estate contracts for development projects including processing of lease procurements, rental/easement agreement payments and support landowner relations and conveyance of real estate documentation to land owners. Also supports with title review and curative efforts and supports the team with specific legislative and public relations campaigns, efforts and due diligence. She provides additional support with lease/project mapping, recordation of documents in various counties, title search support and provides marketing and promotional media as necessary. Aida is an active member of the local Desk and Derrick Club of Corpus Christi.

In her spare time, Aida and her husband love spending time with the grandchildren. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, photography, gardening and serving as a volunteer at her church.